Somatic Movement

The SME training program covers developmental movement and an experiential study of the body systems to understand their manifestation in body-mind patterns. You will learn to apply movement and hands-on facilitation along with imagery and sound to significantly deepen your somatic knowledge and expand your practice and teaching.

BMC principles, creative investigation, and practical skills are currently being used worldwide in educational, therapeutic, athletic, and artistic settings.
  • SME Developmental Courses
  • SME Body Systems Embodiment Courses
  • SME Final Courses


Infant Developmental
Movement Educator

The IDME training program offers an exploration of the senses and how first-year movement sequences emerge. Students discover their own developmental foundation and how it influences their physical and psychological evolution. This approach provides insight to analyze and entice choices that will facilitate full human potential, at any age.

IDME is recommended for therapists (occupational, physical, recreation, rehabilitation, massage, speech, auditory), coaches, educators, early-childhood, day-care, and social workers, infant caregivers, and anyone with an interest in human development.


Body-Mind Centering
Practitioner Certification

The BMC Practitioner program builds on the foundation of our Somatic Movement Educator (SME) certification program. Students deepen their personal embodiment to experience greater subtlety in touch and repatterning skills, while learning therapeutic approaches to asses clients, address psychophysical aspects, and develop their skills as a professional.